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10 Historic Temples To Visit around Bangalore | Temple Tours One Day Trip from Bangalore

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Bangalore is a city where tourists and visitors get to see the unimaginable. It is a paradise for all with all kinds of interests.

If you are a person of heritage, cultural, spiritual interest, then Bangalore has a lot to offer.

Here are 10 of the beautiful historical temples to visit around Bangalore. The ornate carvings and decorations on the soap stones of the temple complexes are the best examples of Indian history.

Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi

The village of Lepakshi (about 140 km from Bangalore) in the Anantapur District is famous for Veerabhadra Temple. This is a mystery temple with lot of Indian history hidden. 

10 Historic Temples To Visit around Bangalore | Temple Tours One Day Trip from Bangalore

This Vijayanagara architecture style temple is famous for hanging pillar which barely rests on the ground. The finest specimens of mural paintings on the ceilings are not to be missed at this temple.

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Nandi Hills

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is an architectural masterpiece with a long history located in Nandi Village at the base of Nandi Hills. At a distance of just 60 km from Bangalore it is a perfect place to plan one-day-trip.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, his consort Parvathi and Nandi.

Ramalingeshwara Group of Temples, Avani

This is a cluster of temples where Shiva lingas installed by Lord Rama and His brothers are worshipped. The Shiva lingas of Ramalingeshwara, Bharateshwara, Lakshmaneshwara and Shatrughneshwara are worshipped here.

This ornate temple constructed in dravida style is located in Kolar district and is about 2 hour drive from Bangalore.

Avani, as a place has legendary importance as it is believed to be the birth place of twins Luva and Kusha. It is believed that Sita Devi spent her days here in the Ashrama of Sage Valmiki.

Chennakeshava Temple, Belur

Chennakeshava Temple was built during Hoysala rule by King Vishnuvardhana. The intricate carvings stand for the majesty of the dynasty.

10 Historic Temples To Visit around Bangalore | Temple Tours One Day Trip from Bangalore

Belur is in Hassan district in the current time and is about 220 km from Bangalore. This marvellous temple complex is proposed to be listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hoysaleswara Temple, Halebidu

Halebidu, literally in Kannada means ‘Old City’. The place is home to few of the magnificent Hoysala architecture.

Halebidu’s temple complex consists of two well-known Hoysala temples – Hoysaleshwara and Kedareshwara Temples, also two Jain Basadis, huge monolithic Nandi images and a large lake. The entire complex is rich in sculptural detail. 

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangapatna

Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangapatna in Mandy district is on eof the important temples of Karnataka along the river Kaveri. This is a very important pilgrim centre for devotees of Sri Ranganatha.

The temple has a beautiful gopura and the entrance to the inner sanctum is a large multiple columned hall.

Ranganathaswamy temple Srirangapatna Day trip from Bangalore-001

The image of Lord Vishnu reclines on the coils of Adisesha, a snake who forms a canopy for Lord through his seven hoods. Other deities Sridevi, Bhudevi and Brahma are also found in the sanctum along Lord Vishnu.  

Chennakesava Temple, Somanathapura                  

This is yet another historic place where one gets to see the Hoysala architecture. The temple was built by Soma who was a Dandanayaka when Hoysala Empire was the power in South India.

Somanathapura Temple Day trip from Bangalore

Somanathapura Temple Carvings Day trip from Bangalore

This temple speaks about the era when expertise in ornamentation prevailed tremendously.

Chamundi Hill Temple, Mysore

Chamundi Temple also known as Chamundeshari Temple is the important landmark in Mysore. This was built during Hoysala rule, which then saw major contributions by other rulers of Vijayanagara and Mysore Wodeyars.

one day trip from bangalore Mysore Chamundi Temple

The beautiful temple gopura and a flight of 1000 steps were installed during the rule of Wodeyars of Mysore. 

one day trip from bangalore  Mahishasura Statue Mysore Tourism

The temple is dedicated to Devi Chamundi. Legend says that Devi Parvathi took the ferocious form of Kali and slained the asuras who troubled the innocent people and devas. 

one day trip from bangalore Mysore Nandi Bull Temple

The large statue of Mahishasura on top of the hill and the large monolithic Nandi Bull at the 800th step of the hill are major attractions.

Cheluvanarayana Swamy and Yoga Narasimha Temples, Melukote

Melukote is one of the important pilgrim centres for Hindus in Karnataka. Situated in Pandavapura in Mandya district is easily accessible from Mysore and Bangalore.

Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple is a square complex with Cheluva Narayana Swamy as the presiding deity. The temple has enjoyed rich patronage by the Maharajas of Mysore. This Vaishnava shrine is situated on the picturesque location of the hills of Yadugiri.

one day trip from bangalore Cheluva Narayana  Swamy Temple Melukote

one day trip from bangalore  CheluvaNarayana Swamy Temple Melukote

Yoga Narasimha Temple is a majestic temple complex situated on top of the hill and is famous for the beautiful view it offers of the surroundings. 

one day trip from bangalore YogaNarasimha Temple Melukote

The deity of worship here is Narasimha who is seated in a yogic position. 

one day trip from bangalore YogaNarasimha Temple

Legend says that the idol of the deity here was installed by Prahallada himself.

Sri Mahalakshmi Golden Temple, Sripuram

The Golden Temple Complex of Sripuram is a spiritual park which is located 8 km south of Vellore city. The deity of worship here is Sri Lakshmi Narayani. 

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The Vimana and Ardha Mandapa of the temple is covered in gold, thus the name.

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