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How To Make Sandal Paste At Home - DIY | Video

Sandalwood has always been a part of Ayurveda treatments for many body and skin ailments. It has numerous health benefits too.

The concern is finding the purest form of original sandalwood powder or paste for health and beauty uses. Buy a short piece of sandal wood with which you can prepare paste by grinding it on a stone.

how to grinding sandal wood
Sandalwood stick piece

Traditionally in India, grinding any substance into a paste is done using a grinding stone. The grinding stone is a stone of various sizes with rough texture. The stone is usually circular and of various diameters.

For grinding a sandalwood piece, you will need a circular grinding stone of about 5” diameter.

how to make sandalwood paste
Stone Gringer to make Sandalwood Paste

Step 1 – Begin with a clean grinding stone. Wash the rough surface with water and wipe it clean.
Step 2 – Pour few drops of raw milk, or rose water, or just plain water over the grinding stone.
Step 3 – Take the sandalwood piece and roll/rub it in circular motion over the stone.
Step 4 – Continue rubbing until the sandalwood piece is wet and begin to form a paste like texture on the grinding stone.
Step 5 – Add more water/milk/rose water if needed to arrive at the desired consistency of the paste.
Step 6 – Collect the paste into a clean bowl. Sandal wood paste is ready for use.

Today we share a short video of instructions that explains how to grind sandalwood piece into paste.

Sandal paste can be mixed with several other natural ingredients to make a face mask or body mask.

It can be used as it is for its aromatic properties. It has excellent healing properties, thus can be mixed in small amounts along with any regular drink you intake.

This method of preparing sandal paste by using a piece of sandalwood and grinding stone is the purest form of making sandal paste at home. It is completely natural and free of any additives.

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