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Silver Utensils – A Must For Babies

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It is an old tradition in India to shower the new born with silver utensils. Is it just a gift or pride of money? Never, anything practiced by our ancestors has a great meaning. Food stored in silver utensils and banana leaf are most healthy and has many medicinal benefits. This is the major reason for their usage and good health in our elders. Ages passed and modernization made people to replace silver wares into colorful plastic wares leading to all health ailments.

Silver Utensils

Here are few medicinal benefits of using silver utensils for babies.

Antibacterial Properties:

Silver metal is 100% free from bacteria, nontoxic and there is no requirement of sterilization. You can simply clean the silver materials in running water which is equivalent to sterilization and hygiene. And hygiene is the mandatory part for babies which else may cause infections.  

Improves memory and immunity:

Storing warm food, water or any eatables in silver utensils, melts and gets infused with food which is known to improve memory power in children. Also regular intake of such healthy food boosts immunity and resistance against cold and cough.

Cools Body temperature:

Silver metal cools down excess body heat balancing the body temperature. This is the reason for wearing silver ornaments in both kids and adults.


Usually the food stored in plastic wares or any other metal losses its freshness, taste and flavor on time. But the food and liquid stored in silver wares retains freshness, adds flavor and prevents spoilage of food all day.


·         Avoid feeding your child in any plastic wares even though they are of high quality and heat resistant. Whenever sterilized the plastic material gets infused in small amounts.

·         Silver wares are economical. The price is more are or less same as the high quality plastic wares. 

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