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Beauty Benefits of Hibiscus Flower & Plant

The commonly growing garden flower Hibiscus is not just an appreciable flower but is a wonder herb with medicinal values. The leaves and petals of this plant is a component in ayurvedic science. The flower arriving in different radiant colors like red, pink, orange, white of which red and white provides natural remedy for beauty and hair care.

Benefits of Hibiscus Flower Plant

Although both red and white hibiscus is effective, white is known to be more effective in home remedies. Here are some natural benefits of White Hibiscus Flower.

Hair Pack:

Crush some white hibiscus petals to a fine paste. Apply to hair and hair scalp letting it down for half an hour. Rinse with warm water.

Hibiscus flowers conditions hair, making them easily manageable. Following this remedy twice a week gives makes hair black shiny promoting hair growth.

Hibiscus Hair Oil:

Crush few hibiscus leaves and petals and boil them along with coconut oil. Switch off the flame when you find the bubbles bubbling. Close the lid till it cools down. You can strain the hibiscus particles or keep them as it is.

Store them in a moisture free air tight container. Also as the solution is homemade free from preservatives refrigeration is safe.

Apply the hair oil overnight and wash the next morning with a mild shampoo. The oil massage improves blood circulation promoting hair volume making them split free. Both coconut oil and hibiscus tackle towards dryness making hair silky soft.

Hibiscus Hair Shampoo:

Ingredients: Hibiscus Leaves

Benefits of Hibiscus Flower Plant

Procedure: Crush handful of hibiscus leaves; you will get a lump of green sticky paste.

How to use: To your oiled hair, rub the green paste entirely. You will find the soap like bubbles appearing that cleanses hair naturally.

Rinse your hair with warm water. You will require lots of water as the green sticky particles does not leave your hair strands easily.

Use it as a hair cleanser whenever you have your hair wash. The natural hair shampoo free from chemicals cleans dirt and sweat retaining the natural oils.

Hibiscus Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack:


Hibiscus flowers and leaves
Neem Leaves

Procedure: crush all the leaves and flowers and mix them with yogurt. Apply the paste to your hair and scalp, allow for half an hour before hair wash.

This is a perfect remedy for dandruff and itchy scalp, calms down redness and nourishes hair.

Hibiscus for Hair Thinning:


8 to 10 petals of hibiscus
5 to 6 Hibiscus leaves
5 to 6 Mehandi leaves


Crush all the ingredients in a blender and apply the paste to your hair. Allow the pack to stay for an hour before hair wash.

Rinse with warm water. Carry out oil bath the next day or the same evening.

Carry out the remedy twice a week, you will find the immediate solution for hair fall. Regular usage increases hair volume and growth, also delays greying of hair.

Hibiscus Skin Toner:


10 Hibiscus Petals
Rose Water


Boil Hibiscus petals with a cup of water till the water reduces to half.

After the boiled solution calms down, add 3 spoons of rose water.

With a piece of cotton rub this solution to your face, neck and back. Leave it for 15minutes before wash out. Carry out regularly before bed time. The solution acts a best skin toner removing making your tired skin radiant.

Benefits of Hibiscus Flower Plant

Hibiscus Face Pack for tanned skin:


Hibiscus petals


Crush hibiscus petals and mix them along with yogurt.

Apply the paste to your face and neck, rinse away after drying.

The face pack calms down tanned red skin, removes black patches and leaves behind clear bright complexion.

Hibiscus All-purpose Face Pack:


Handful of Hibiscus petals
Gram flour


Crush the petals, add milk and gram flour to make a smooth paste. The face pack is a general purpose remedy for all skin imperfections. Helps control excess oil, acne and removes dark patches.

Hibiscus Tea:

Boil 8 to 10 Hibiscus flower petals in 2 glasses of water and reduce to half. Drinking the solution empty stomach regularly cures urinary infections and acts as a tonic for uterus.

The same tea is a best medicine for women with irregular periods helping to get back the period cycle on time.

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