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Libero Baby Lotion Review

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It is cold, dry and dull all over. The weather isn’t enjoyable any more. I can see that the dry weather is taking a toll on our skin. Kids are not spared too. Infact, the delicate skin of babies and kids and more affected than ours.

Thick creams, heavy body lotions, lip balms, body oils; all these come out handy and we empty one after the other.

Libero Baby Lotion Baby Lotions India

Today, we see the review of Libero Baby Lotion. You will soon know if it is efficient on baby’s skin and serves the purpose completely.

Price: Rs.90 for 100 ml

Package: A white plastic bottle with a cap that is both screw-able and flip-able. It is leak free and thus can be carried anywhere in any of your bag, vanity or travel bags.

Libero Bbay Care Products Baby Lotion

Texture and consistency: It drops out of the bottle with a slight tap on the bottle. It feels mid consistency, neither too thick nor too thin just like any other typical lotion.

The texture is soft and easily spread-able.

It soothes the skin instantly smoothing all the dry flakes on the skin. It moisturizes very well. 

Libero Baby Lotion Moisturizing Lotion

Fragrance: The fragrance is mild and pleasant. Personally, I feel that no baby/kids products should include fragrance. It might irritate or cause any kind of allergies. How I wish Libero Baby Lotion was odour-free too.

Yet, Libero Baby Lotion has not caused any allergies or skin irritations so far on my child.

Libero Baby Lotion Natural Ingredients

Moisturizing power: This pretty bottle has been very useful through this season. It keeps the skin soft, supple, smooth and hydrated.

Though it has good moisturizing power, it does not sustain throughout the day. A second application after about 6-8 hours is needed, which is still good to go.

Most importantly, it does not cause any harm to the delicate and sensitive skin of small babies.

Best Baby Lotion Libero Baby Lotion

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Yes. Though Libero Baby Lotion is not heavily moisturizing, it is a soft soothing moisturizer which is perfectly suitable for baby’s delicate skin. 

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