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Jackfruit Halwa Recipe | Easy Indian Jackfruit Dessert | Easy Jackfruit Recipes

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The seasonal fruit jackfruit can be cooked into variety of food items right from breakfast , curry, snacks and dessert.

Here is an recipe of yum yum jackfruit halwa cooked from an fully ripened jackruit.

jackfruit halwa recipe


Fully ripened Jackfruit


Pluck all the jackfruit pods from the ripe jackfruit and separate the seeds from it.

jackfruit pods

In a mixer jar make jackfruit puree without adding water. Add sugar while grinding. The quantity of sugar depends on the sweetness of the fruit. If the fruit is too ripened and sweet, you can even skip the addition of sugar.

Take a deep pan in low flame and pour jackfruit puree to it. Add 5 to 6 spoons of ghee to the pan and stir continuously. 

Keep stirring the pan at low flame till the entire mass gets thickened. Add ghee in the midst whenever you find the mixture sticking to the bottom.

how to prepare jackfruit halwa

Meanwhile fry cashews and add them to the mixture. You can even add cardamom powder to add its flavour.

When whole jackruit puree is turned to heavy mass switch off the flame. This might take a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes depending on how watery the puree is.

jackfruit recipe jackfruit sweets

Transfer the whole mixture to a clean and greased tray. Allow to cool. Once cooled cut them into square shapes.

jackfruit halwa south indian sweet

Jackfruit halwa is ready.

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