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10 Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids

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First of all, Merry Christmas to all. 

The festival of Christmas brings along so much of fun, excitement and happiness.

The decoration of Christmas tree, home décor with all things that represents snow and sparkle, the exchanging and sharing of gifts, the preparations of Christmas recipes, the special party with friends and family, Christmas theme fancy dress; there is so much to prepare and celebrate.

Today we see here few of the fancy dress costumes which little kid sport during the Christmas celebration at the school this year.

christmas party fancy dress ideas

The most appropriate fancy dress idea for Christmas party is dressing up like Santa Claus. The legendary figure who brings gifts to children is very popular figure during the season.

santa claus fancy dress

Dress up like an angel who brings all wishes true on the occasion of this great festival.

angel christmas fancy dress ideas

Dressing up as fairies with little tiara, wings and a magical wand to make things happen with a whoosh is all exciting.

fairy fancy dress christmas fancy dress

Drummer boy who played his drum at the birth of infant Jesus, he went unnoticed even while he played his drum. This legendary character of the very popular Christmas song has taken lot of importance in modern Christmas celebration.

drummer boy christmas fancy dress

It is easy to dress up like a Little Drummer Boy.

Every occasion is right to dress up like a royal queen or princess. Feel like a member of a royal family and dress alike. Little girls look cute in beautiful gowns and sparkling jewelries.

royal queens gown

Christmas tree is the centre piece of Christmas decorations everywhere. Dressing up like a Christmas is not very difficult. All it takes is a green dress with some layers to fix up the decorative ornaments and a top ornament that sits on the head.

christmas tree costume
 Image Source: pinterest

In most parts of the world, the weather is cold, chill and snowy during Christmas holiday season. 

Snow-man is an obvious structure you can find in every corner.

snow man costume  christmas party
 Image Source: pinterest

It just takes a complete white dress with large black circular buttons to break the monotonous white. Also add a colourful scarf or a muffler.

Do you have more ideas of Christmas party fancy dress? Share with us.

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