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Yelappa Recipe | Deepawali Sweet Appam Recipe | Sweet Dumpling Rice Appam Recipe

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What special happened in your kitchen this Deepawali? Lots and lots. Right! Same here with me.
I prepared so many recipes all together one after the other, that eating started became boring to all of us.

The one special recipe of Deepawali that I had never tried until this year was Yele Appa.

yeleappa diwali special recipe

Yele Appa or Yeleappa or Yeriappa as it is called in Udupi is exclusively prepared on the eve of Naraka Chaturdashi.

Yelappa is Sweet Appam made using rice batter. To bring in the sweetness, jaggery is used in the batter as jaggery is considered sacred, thus is used to prepare prasada offerings during puja.


1 cup dosa rice
2 table spoon urad dal
1/4th spoon fenugreek seeds
1 bowl freshly grated coconut
½ bowl jaggery
Milk to blend and prepare batter
A generous pinch of salt for taste
Oil for deep frying

yeleappa recipe ingredients

How to prepare Yeleappa or sweet rice dumpling for Deepawali puja

Wash dosa rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds under running water and soak for about 4 hours.
Drain the water and add all the soaked ingredients into the mixer jar.
Add jaggery and coconut grates to the jar.

how to prepare yeriappa batter

Blend all the ingredients along with milk. Add milk little by little to adjust the consistency. Add salt and mix well.
The batter should be neither thick nor thin. It should attain a pap like texture.
If you find the batter has become too runny, then add semolina, either Bombay Rava or Chiroti Rava and adjust the consistency.

Now, in a frying kadai (pan) take oil for deep frying. Heat under medium flame. 

When the oil is hot, pick some batter in a curved ladle and pour directly into the hot oil. Pour the batter in one point without moving the ladle, the batter will level itself and become puffed in few seconds.

how to prepare yeriappa

The appam will be ready when you have fried both the sides allowing it to become golden brown in color.

Use a tissue kitchen towel to absorb the extra oil from the appa.

yeleappa diwali recipe

Yeleappas are crispy, juicy, soft in the middle, crunchy at the sides, sweet, and full of aroma and flavour of coconut.

Serve the sweet dumplings of Yeleappas and relish the taste along with your family.

yeleappa sweet rice dumplings

The satisfaction got after you have prepared a traditional dish that too on a festive occasion is something special.

The authentic taste of Udupi with jaggery and coconut makes this recipe a great festive preparation.

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