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What We Did This Deepawali – Handmade Greeting Cards

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Few years ago, Deepawali wishes were sent to near and dear ones via greeting cards.
As a child I remember collecting so many of them which we received every year through India Post.

Now is the age of mobiles and other gadgets. The mode of sending Deepawali wishes has got itself upgraded to text messages, whatsapp messages or phone calls. 

We thought of reliving my lost school days. We tried making greeting cards at home as a special event during the festival.

Draw handmade greeting card

We could pour in so many of our own ideas in making handmade greeting cards. Once done, we distributed it to all my son’s friends in the apartment.

Here are few ideas and designs of what we did this Diwali season.

Draw and color – DIY Deepawali greeting cards

Fold chart paper into two parts. On the front view, draw objects that signifies the festival of Deepawali. Few ideas are drawing simple colourful diyas, designer diyas, flowers, crackers, torans along the sides of the card.

DIY Deepawali Greeting Cards

Write Diwali wishes or messages from within.

Colorful cello tape (gum tape) – At home greeting cards

Decorate the greeting card using a glittery of shiny colored adhesive tapes. You may also add some extra details after you have designed with the tapes.

DIY greeting cards

Origami craft papers for making greeting cards

Cut colourful origami craft papers in the desired shapes and patterns. Stick them on the greeting card in an interesting fashion.

Origami craft papers for making greeting cards

Fevicryl fabric glue and shimmers handmade personalized cards

This can get a little messy. You will need a bottle of Fevicryl Fabric Glue which has a thin nozzle to ooze out glue in the form of a thin string. Using this bottle, draw your favourite design on the chart paper greeting card.

make greeting at home

DIY handmade greeting card

Once your drawing is finished, pour shimmery powder or shiny sparkling materials all over the drawings. Shake a little for everything to stick well along the glue drawing. Remove the rest by pouring all the extra items on a waste newspaper.

personalized greeting cards Diwali wishes

Aren’t these ideas simple and easily do-able at home? Why not try them for the next celebrations. This is one of the best kid’s activities which you can do at home.

Do you have more ideas of making greeting cards? Share with us.

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