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Where to Buy Dasara Dolls in Mysore

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The festive season is at its peak all over Karnataka. Dasara is unique and special in Mysuru. The Kingdom of Wodeyars gets turned into a beautiful land of dolls.

Every year people buy and add dolls to their collection of several decades and thus every house hold has a huge number of dolls and sets which are passed from generation to generation.

where to buy dasara dolls

Among various rituals, pujas, celebrations, festivities in every Mysurean’s house, they are also bringing out their doll treasures and arranging them on stepped scaffolding.

At Mysore, one can buy dolls made of wood or clay at several places. Here are few places where you can go doll shopping.

It is time for adults to go toy shopping for the annual doll festival during Dasara.

Bombe Mane

Bombe Mane is the House of Dolls set up at Pratima Gallery in Nazarbad. Precisely speaking of the landmark, the exhibition gallery is on top floor of  Amrapali Sarees.

Bombe Mane Prathim aGallery Mysore

Bombe Mane exhibits a veritable congregation of dolls under one roof every year for about one month during the month of Dasara.

Bombe Mane Prathima Gallery Mysore

The wooden and clay toys or dolls are magically crafted by craftsmen and women from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and many other rural areas where the potters and artisans prevail in their work.


Ramsons is a big House of Dolls. Beautiful pieces and sets of dolls are available at Ramsons, the largest handicrafts shop in Mysore.

The shop is situated exactly in front of Mysore Zoo - Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens.

Dasara Exhibition

The Dasara Exhibition ground is one of the most active places in Mysore during the festival of Dasara. It runs from the month of October upto past the year end.

Dasara Exhibition Ground

Dasara Dolls at Exhibition

There are several stalls set up that sells exclusively mud toys, clay dolls and wooden sets.

Chamundi Hill Temple Street Vendors

Street vendors along the path way to Chamundi Temple on the hill also have a good collection of dolls and toys that are worth collecting for the Doll Festival.

clay dolls wooden toys

Take a tour of Chamundi Temple street vendors here.

Mysore is a doll city round the year. The price can be on the expensive side for clay figurines. If you happen to travel to Madurai or some other parts of Tamil Nadu, the clay figurines are the best to be purchased there as there are large varieties and mostly cheaper than elsewhere.

Happy shopping of Dasara Gombe (Dolls) and happy Gombe Habbe (Gombe is Doll, Habba is Festival).

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