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Bombe Mane Exhibition and Sale of Dasara Dolls Mysore

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The magnificent city of Mysore is currently a paradise of art galleries and exhibitions. You will find exhibitions on every possible category you can think of in one of the other public parks and open spaces during Dasara festival.

To quickly name a few – dolls exhibition at Bombe Mane, flower show and exhibition and Kuppanna Park, Food festival with huge line of stalls at Scouts and Guides Ground, old rustic vintage lanterns exhibition at Ranga Mela, Chitra Santhe usually at the shaded street near Metropole, book exhibition, the list goes on endlessly.

2016 Bombe Mane Dolls

If you are at this space, then you are about to go on a virtual tour of photos of the dolls at Bombe Mane (exhibited during 2015)

Note: The doll exhibition at Bombe Mane 2016 came with a restriction for photography enthusiasts. ‘No Photography’ was a big board here and there across Prathima Gallery, upstairs Amrapali Sarees.

I clicked the first photo of arrangements of figurines along with a large idol of Hanuman in the centre. Then noticed the ban on cameras and quietly controlled my urge to click the clay dolls.

Below are photos of Dasara Dolls exhibited at Bombe Mane during 2015-Dasara. They were not very particular about the camera roaming around their gallery last year. (Photos were clicked using mobile camera, thus the clarity and quality.)

Dashavatara Dolls Clay Dolls

Doll Exhibition Bombe Mane

Dasara Dolls Exhibition Bombe Mane

Idol of Maa Durga

Doll Festival Doll Exhibition

Clay Figurines of God and Godess

Krishna Gopikas Clay Dolls

Ramayana Story Clay Dolls

Royal Kings Clay Idol Bombe Mane

Bombe Mane Doll Exhibition

Dasara Dolls Clay Dolls

Vendors and labourers clay dolls

Walking through the aisles of the dolls is a very different experience. Watching closely the tiny details and decorations in every doll or toy is a mesmerizing experience. 

Bombe Mane Doll Exhibition 2015

Dasara Doll Festival

Model of Mysore Palace

‘If you break, You buy it’; printed in bold letters at every corner. So, hold you children tightly.

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