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Pigeon Baby Cream Review

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I love trying newer and newer products for my skin, hair and health. Who knows, there might be always something better out in the market which I have not used until now. So, something that is affordable and new to me usually finds its way into my shopping basket.

Same is the case with the kid’s products. I like the idea of trying new skin care and bath products for kids too. When this new one is far better than the older ones I have used so far, I stick to the newly product until I find something more tempting. 

Pigeon Baby Cream India

Believing that this is a normal behavior of an Indian mom, here we have the review of Pigeon Baby Cream.

Price: Rs.125 for 50 g.

Buy Pigeon Baby Cream online at Flipkart, Amazon India or First Cry. Some baby stores stock Pigeon Baby Products, but they aren’t found always in every store you go.

Pigeon Baby Cream

Package: A medium sized tube of 50 g is good for carrying around in the bag. It comes with a cap that is flip-able and also screw-able to remove.

A small press will bring out the right amount of cream. But when the tube is half empty, then begins the trouble of squeezing.

Pigeon Baby Cream Price

Nature: The cream is semi thick, something in between a cream and lotion texture. It is cooling on the skin and soothes any dry areas.

It is good to make the skin supple instantly. The cream works best when you apply on baby’s skin right after bath.

Since it is not very thick and highly creamy, it might not be the right one if you are looking for a heavy moisturizer for the harsh chilly winter. It is a good moisturizing cream, which I am happy about to use on my child’s face and body. 

Pigeon Baby Cream Ingredients

Fragrance: Cannot remember much about any strong fragrance in the cream. I prefer fragrance-free products for my child. This cream has not shown any side effects or reactions on the skin. So, it is a safe product for the little ones.

Staying power: My child has bad dry skin on the legs (the area between knee and ankle joints). Though this cream helps for one instance, repeated application of the cream on the legs is required.

swatch Pigeon Baby Cream

So, for moisturizing hands and legs, I never change from Curatio’s Atogla Baby Cream.

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Yes. Pigeon Baby Cream is a good moisturizer with medium texture that serves both as a face cream and body lotion. It is a mild harmless skin care product for kids.

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