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Floral Decoration Ideas for Party & Festive Occasions

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Floral decorations, rangoli, oil lamps and diyas go hand in hand when it is festive occasion in India. Not only festivals, weddings and other family get together functions can be a perfect occasion for traditional floral decors and rangolis.

There are many decor ideas to put together and make the air filled with floral fragrance. While professional decorators are always there to help you, they come with a fat price. To avoid the burden of the price, try and experiment few ideas of your own. 

Decorating with flowers and leaves are easy as long as you keep it straight and simple. The bright colourful combinations one can make using variety of flowers are many which easily makes the look and feel very pleasant.

Marigold Garlands

The huge marigold flowers which come in bright yellow or orange color are perfect for decorating walls, ceilings, floors, literally everywhere around.

marigold garlands indian decoration

Hang long marigold garlands with the help of strings throughout the walk way or along the window line. This simple method of decoration looks heavenly.

Tie long garlands from one end to the other end. Tie up the garland in between at regular intervals making the shape of U. This is yet another way of covering up wide spaces.

indian traditional floral decorations

Random Bright Color Flowers

Stick flower bunches along with fancy leaves on the wall. 

festival decoration floral decor

Attaching single red roses on the wall at fixed distance in between each of them looks very attractive.

rose floral decoration

Pick all variety of colourful flowers and arrange them together randomly. 

random flower arrangement for wedding hall

The idea is to bring in the relaxing mood along with natural colors.

Fabric & Flowers

Using fancy cloths and curtains along with the floral lines is a trick to make up for the shortage of flowers or save using large number of flowers.

indian wedding decorations

Floating Flowers

Floating flowers centre piece or decorative containers are commonly used decor items. Along with the flowers many a times the flat fragranced candle lights are also used for the natural light effect. 

floating flowers decor piece

If you do not want to involve water in your home decor accessories, just arrange the flowers in simplest possible way on a wide plate or holder.

dahlia flower arrangement

Combination of Flowers & Coconut

Coconut is a very important part of our tradition. To enhance the ethnic feel in the celebration, make use of the coconut along with different flowers and arrange according to the need.

coconut and flowers for decoration

A kalash, a traditional pot shaped container usually made of copper or brass, brings a unique touch to the decor. Decorate the kalash with coconut, mango leaves, jack fruit leaves and flowers. You may also add simple rangoli designs around the kalash. 

rangoli ideas for diwali

See more floral rangoli patterns here.

Traditional Decoration with Coconut, Plantain & Mango Leaves

Making patterned braid with coconut leaves is an art in many coastal parts of South India. The green mat like appearance it gives is perfect to build a small mandap like structure at the front yard.

traditional banana leaves decoration

Using banana leaves or small banana plant is also a great practice and it bring the natural beauty.
Making torans using mango leaves is a great way of doing your own eco-friendly door decorative. 

mango leaves toran

Fake Flower Garlands

If you want to a avoid spending money on flowers again and again on every occasion for decorating, you can opt for artificial flower decorative items. 

hanging flowers for door

There are few garlands which come with LED light and gold/pearl/crystal detailing.

So, do you have more ideas to share about flower decorations? We are always eager to collect more information and ideas.

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