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Desire from The Color Institute Avant Garde CLASSIC Nail Color Collection

Hello :)

A post on flaunting 'Whats on my nails today' !!

The product is a nail paint which is a part of a manicure kit from The Color Institute Avant Garde CLASSIC Nail Color Collection. The shade is hot jazzy red named as Desire. The red is very dashing and attracts every eye towards it.

Package: The nail polish bottle is stout,round and flat to some extent. Clear colored glass bottle with a black plastic screw cap. The cap has the applicator brush.

Applicator: Awesome is one word to describe. It spreads the polish on the nails very neatly, Does not streak. No mess.

Nail polish consistency: Thin and bright. It gives the opaque feel in just one swipe. But as tradition I go for the second coat again.

Drying power: Ir dries off in a jiffy. Hardly a few seconds and it is all set in place.

Staying power: Not more than 3 days. It begins to chip off by the end of the 3 rd day of application.

Price: Well, not sure, I was gifted.

Availability: I am not sure. I have not found any where nearby.

Final Verdict: A perfect red to try out. Those who are afraid of red can also be comfortable with The Color Institute Avant Garde, Desire.

Rating: 3.5/5

So, signing off for now. Have a nice happy colorful day. :)

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