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30 Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids

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School events are always exciting. The competitions, the drill, the play dates with parents, school annual day, fancy dress day, sports day; such events are the most exciting part of the academic year.
Regular classes may be boring, and to break the so called boredom such events are very important.

fancy dress ideas for kids india

When it is fancy dress completion at school, the search for ideas begins. Here are few interesting fancy dress ideas for Indian children with various themes in mind.

Role Play

Military personnel, black magician, a common villager, a farmer

military personnel fancy dress idea
Indian military personnel

Finding an Indian military dress is easy at the cloth stores. 

black magician fancy dress idea
Black magician

A black magician with lot of weird stuffs to hold along. Teach some weird moves to enact like a magician to your child. This will make a great fancy dress idea.

villager fancy dress idea
Old Village lady

A villager in the dress of a typical old woman is fun to dress up like. This old lady was in search of her grandson at the school. She had bought some fried crispiest chips to munch for him. But all that she complains is she is not able to find him as all of them look the same in school uniform.

farmer fancy dress idea

Dressing up like a farmer is yet another great idea. This is the easiest and the simplest way to dress up your child. Allow him to carry any of the farming tools and a small stack of hay.

Regional or Tribal Costumes

Koravanji (gypsy fortune teller), a tribal man, Kodava lady (a traditional lady from Madikeri/Coorg), Kannadiga (a Karnataka patriotic man), Mohiniattam dancer (a form of classical dance from Kerala), Japanese traditional dress, 

koravangi gypsy fortune teller

Koravanji a female gypsy fortune teller mostly from Mysore tribes in Karnataka. The folk art of fortune telling is woven into the dialogue “Kani Helthini Amma... Kani”.

fancy dress idea of tribal man
A tribal man 
A tribal man dressed in leaves, face paintings and their typical jungle weapons. The attempt is to show how raw and rugged this little man can be.

Kodava lady fancy dress idea
Girl in Coorgi Style Saree

Kodava lady dressed up in traditional coorgi style saree. 

Japanese traditional dress
Girl in Japanese Traditional Dress 
Japanese traditional dress mainly involves elements like the folding/fixed hand fan and the parasol/umbrella. Their traditional silk kimonos are hard to be found in India. So just replace the kimono with a bright colour gown and focus on the makeup and hairstyle with the other necessary accessories. A lovely fancy dress idea for little girls.

Mohiniattam dancer kids fancy dress
Mohiniattam dancer

Mohiniattam is one of the most beautiful classical dance forms of India. The costume is very unique and looks best when tiny tots are made to wear the dance attire with a side hair bun decorated in flowers.

Daily-use objects

colgate paste and brush fancy dress
Colgate Tooth paste-brush pair

Colgate tooth paste and brush, with a message ‘Brush your teeth twice ever day!’ It is nice to hear cute words from cute kids. 

clock fancy dress idea

Clock; Time is very precious. Indeed very precious.


school fancy dress grapes

Grapes - a bunch of sour grapes

fancy dress banana plantain
Bananas - a big boy sized banana plantain


tree fancy dress

fancy dress theme nature

Save trees, save nature, save earth ! What an impressive message to spread.

Indian Freedom Fighters and National Leaders 

Sangolli Rayanna, Onake Obavva, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Narendra Modi

sangolli rayanna freedom fighter
Sangolli Rayanna

Sangolli Rayanna was one of the greatest warriors of Kittur who fought relentlessly against the British forces. He was one of the trusted aides of Kittur Rani Chennamma.

Read about Kittur and bravery of Rani Chennamma HERE.

brave obavva fancy dress idea
 Onake Obavva
Among the great heroes and heroines Obavva’s name must mentioned without fail. Onake Obavva was a brave hindu warrior who fought Hyder Ali’s army with her Onake (a pestle used to pound grains.) Since her brave and heroic deeds Obavva has been known as Onake Obavva and is remembered forever in the hearts of the people and history of Karnataka.

subhashchandra bose kids fancy dress
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Subhas Chandra Bose, Father of Indian National Army, who was one of the greatest Indian freedom fighter, definitely needs to be remembered. What else can be a better way of teaching our younger generation about Netaji?

chacha nehru fancy dress
 Jawaharlal Nehru 

Jawaharlal Nehru is a special personality children of every generation should know. After all it is his birthday celebrated as Children’s Day.

narendra modi fancy dress idea
Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, the most influential leader of India. He is a true inspiration to all of us to take India to newer heights.

People of Hindu Mythology

Krishna, Vamana, Hanuman, Narada, Radha, Shakunthala, Gandhari   

Krishna fancy dress for kids

Dressing up babies and kids as Lord Krishna is an yearly practice in India especially during the time of Ashthami. For tips on how to dress up like Krishna, read HERE  and also HERE.

how to dress like krishna

If you are in search of more ideas for dressing kids like Lord Krishna, follow HERE

Hindu Mythology charcters fancy dress

Indian god fancy dress

narada fancy dress idea

radhe krishna fancy dress
 Radha/Radhika, Krishna's childhood friend

shakuntala ideas fancy dress kids
Gandhari fancy dress idea

Gandhari, the queen who blindfolded herself since King Dhrutharashtra, her husband was blind.

A tale of Tenali Rama

Who does not know the comedian Tenali Ramakrishna? He was a very famous jester and a poet in the court of King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara Kingdom. He was a very wise man.

fancy dress3
Tenali Ramakrishna

The tale of a pot on his head is a famous one;

It so happens that the King got very annoyed with Tenali Rama and ordered him never to show his face again. Next morning the royal court was held as usual. Tenali Rama in an attempt to follow the royal orders and also attend the royal court discussions, he wore an earthen pot inverted on his head with 2 holes exactly for his eyes. Amused by his wit and sense of humor the entire court burst with laughter and the king resumed his post of royal jester at the court.

Which of these fancy dress ideas did you like the most? And do you have more ideas of kid’s fancy dress to share with us?

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