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7 Reasons Why Babies Cry

Child’s cry is the way they communicate with you for their need.  Although difficult it is mandatory to attend your child’s cry and interpret their needs. Also crying is a sign of unhealthy or discomfort.

Reasons for your Child’s Cry

First make a clear concept that without a reason a child never yells. Here are some most common reasons for child’s cry.


Hunger is the first thing we attend towards a child’s cry. Your new born requires feeding at every 2 hours or even early. Note down the time you have nursed and milk feed the baby before it cries. Look through you have enough milk supply and switch to formulas if required.

In 4 months+ babies, even after regular milk feeding if you find the continuous cry especially at night then it’s time to begin solid food. Fingers hands inside mouth, signs of chewing motion, curiously watching you eating and early wake up at nights are the signs to start solid food.

Stomach pain/colic:

As your child is highly milk supplied stomach pains, gas troubles and colic are the common in them. Your child sucks air during breast feed which causes stomach troubles so it is mandatory to burp your child after every feed to avoid this condition.

Uncontrollable non stop crying for hours or even the entire night, bulged tummy with tight skin and lots of gas are the signs of stomach problems where you need to attend the doctor sooner.  Gripe water or homemade herbal solutions can be used as first aid.

Ear Pain:

Ear pain due to cold environment and ear wax is one more common problem in babies.
Cover your child’s ears with a cap or cotton balls when you take them out to avoid cold air, also during bed time. Avoid dropping of water to ears during baby wash. 
Nose Block:

Cold and cough leading to block of the nasal tracks and your child makes its breathing through mouth. This causes difficulty during milk feeding.


Keep your child clean and wrap them with hygiene clothes and clean diapers. Unhygienic leads to infections and also your baby feels discomfort.

Other reasons:

Some babies sleep on their own when their tummy is filled but some require holding, patting, music and cradle. Sleep time is one more reason for your babies cry, observe your baby’s demand during sleep time.

Cuddling and affection is one more reason for their cry. Babies enjoy parents cuddling and want to hold them in arms. They even enjoy the body heat temperature while sleeping.

Physical Pains:

Mosquito bites, insect bites and ant bites are too pricking and painful for babies.  Also physical pains like rough clothes, hair getting pulled and many other material causes makes them uncomfortable and shout out for help.

I hope this article helps the new mothers to know their new born.

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