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Olay Natural White Fairness Day Cream Review

About Olay Natural White Fairness Day Cream:
Nourish your skin with nutrients for glowing fairness from within. Olay Natural White is specially designed to give your skin nourishment with it’s triple nutrient system - Vitamin B3, pro-B5 & E to reduce the appearance of dark spots, lighten skin tone and dullness to give you glowing fairness from within.
Olay Natural White Cream is the ideal day-time protection for normal to dry skin. It effectively blocks out UVA and UVB radiations that may darken and damage your skin. Made up of 88% milky whitening essence, this cream nourishes skin from deep inside to reveal its inner health and radiance.
Olay Natural White Cream contains no chemical bleaches - its purely natural ingredients make your skin look milky, translucent white in just 4 weeks. It is ideal to cover up dark spots, freckles and sun spots and also acts as a base for make-up.


• Olay triple efficacy whitening formula
• Vitamin E
• Milky whitening essence
• UVA / UVB dual protection formula
• Olay moisturizing factor

Price and quantity: Rs 135 for 40gm and Rs 99 for 20gm

Shelf life: 3years

My experience with Olay Natural White Fairness Day Cream:
Olay natural white fairness day cream, a boon cream according to me :-)

It comes in a jar and also in a tube. I usually prefer buying tube like which is hygienic than the jar one.

It’s almost 2years I have been stuck to this cream. I do not have an idea to replace it. It’s a milky white non sticky cream which makes skin supple immediately after application. It deepens into skin pores and gives a soothing effect. Skin looks fairer with clear complexion. But you need to apply evenly otherwise a slight residue of it will be remained. I do not make use of any sunscreen lotions when I have applied olay natural white. One single tube comes for quite long since only a small quantity is sufficient. It has mild sweet fragrance without any irritating nature.

I do not know how it works for dark spots since my skin has a clear complexion. I can only say it resulted me with soft tender skin with healthy complexion.

Pros of Olay Natural White Fairness Day Cream:
  • Suits for all skin type.
  • Non greasy cream which moistens skin.
  • Also acts as a sunscreen agent.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Does not contain any harmful agents. 
Cons of Olay Natural White Fairness Day Cream:
  • Sometimes if you apply it in a hurry, white residue may be remained.

Rating: I give 5/5 because these cons are negligible.

My recommendation:
I have been using this cream from almost 2 years and I have no idea of replacing it. Please try it out regardless of your skin type.

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